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Oztules / Re: Using old grid tie inverters to charge batteries
« Last post by noneyabussiness on Today at 02:46:17 PM »
10pcs LNK304 DIP7 LNK304PN DIP-8 AC-DC converter new and original free shipping
(from AliExpress Android)

Another alternative for simple power supply, the data sheet says 50v minimum but ive successfully ran it at 35v up to 25ma with no dramas.... just a suggestion. ...
Weather / Re: Your solar eclipse 2017 viewing apparatus
« Last post by bj on Today at 08:25:38 AM »
   Well done Woof.
   A long way from totality here, but tried to get a few shots.
Weather / Re: Your solar eclipse 2017 viewing apparatus
« Last post by MadScientist267 on Yesterday at 10:35:03 PM »
Very nice woof... Very nice indeed. Always cool when a plan comes together hehe
Weather / Re: Your solar eclipse 2017 viewing apparatus
« Last post by Solarnewbee on Yesterday at 07:11:24 PM »
I was sitting on the battery in the harbor. Maybe 2 miles to the coast just on the edge of totality. At totality I could tell it wasn't centered but cool nonetheless.
Weather / Re: Your solar eclipse 2017 viewing apparatus
« Last post by WooferHound on Yesterday at 06:18:01 PM »
I've been very interested in astronomy since I saw my first rocket launch in the late 60's. An Eclipse has always been at my most wanted experience. I've been through about 20 Solar Eclipses in my life but had never seen one in totality.
So I decided to drive 140 miles North from Huntsville Alabama past Pikeville almost to Crossville Tennessee to be on the centerline of the shadow. I had picked out a specific location from Google Earth maps but people were already there, I found another place 1/4 mile off the main road where I was all alone with my thoughts.


Was viewing by projecting the Sun through one side of some binoculars that were taped to a camera tripod and shadowed with a large square of cardboard with a hole cut in it for one of the lenses. This worked very well. Also had a set of Eclipse Glasses but the projection was much better.



Clouds kept trying to form and were headed toward the Sun, I actually thought about finding another location but stayed. Everything ended up clearing up completely before the main event.


Things changed rapidly in the 3 minutes leading up to the Total Eclipse. At first everything got very quiet, then as darkness set-in the birds and caddydids started chattering. The brightness level was dimming noticeably fast, but the colors were not changing like they do in the morning or evening or when there is cloud cover.


Then -Bang- it all went dark. I took off my glasses and looked up to see a perfect circle of light where the Sun was, looked around at the landscape and it was dark all around me with a bright twilight sky. The temperature was going down as the breeze was picking up. All I could say was "WQW" quite a few times. After a minute of absorbing all that I snapped off a few well planned pictures using a fairly cheap Point & Shoot camera and also some unplanned pics that occurred to me at the time. When finished with all that I still had almost another minute to be in the moment. Then -Bang- again and everything was quickly getting brighter. I stayed about 30 more minutes floating from that experience and left for the long ride home.


Right next to my spot was this cool old giant mailbox. Just had to get a picture of it. While it was almost no problem driving North to the eclipse, it was great difficulty driving back home because of the traffic. Was a 2.5 hour drive up there and then a 3.5 hour return home along the same route.

In Asia those outlets are pretty much standard so they fit a variety of plugs. Child safety inserts would help for forgetful folks like myself. I'm curious when they might be selling these. I sent back one of the cube style because the toroid had installation damage and 1 power board not 2 like advertised. I found out that the 8kw PJ I installed in the Philippines just didn't keep up with 4 inverter AC units running, fridge, washing machine and lighting. I only use the 220v side.

I set up fan control and monitoring thru I can reset the inverter remotely, set triggers etc. looking forward to getting one of these.

If your interested check out:
Weather / Re: Your solar eclipse 2017 viewing apparatus
« Last post by MadScientist267 on Yesterday at 04:08:52 PM »
Yeah my daughter said she didn't quite get to see the corona, I was a little bummed about that, but it wasn't at least a cloud issue from my understanding. She was closer to the totality fringe than I thought. But she still got a LOT closer than I have, so I'm glad for that. She's down in SC as well, but closer to the coast line.

Weather / Re: Your solar eclipse 2017 viewing apparatus
« Last post by Solarnewbee on Yesterday at 03:27:07 PM »
 Got a pretty good view in Charleston, SC., through the holes in the clouds and that is not really as excited as I hoped. Started to get real dark for awhile and temp came down and the crickets came out.
Weather / Re: Your solar eclipse 2017 viewing apparatus
« Last post by MadScientist267 on Yesterday at 03:20:38 PM »
I gotta remember that one Dave.


Best peak image (sorry about the size lol) I got from the box with the phone... right at about 14:45 eastern. It was much clearer to the eye of course.  Even with being able to lock ISO/shutter speed/focus, it wasn't the simplest thing to get a phone to take a pic of (S7).

A slightly different view of the event...


There's some GPS skew and horizon alignment issues due to the potential insolation calculation being set for an hour south of where I actually was during the eclipse, and crown in the road causing the truck to lean toward the NNW.

The result is the actual is shifted somewhat "low and late", but because the eclipse for us was in the afternoon, this means on that side, it's closer to the blue line than the morning half would suggest. When I dug out the actual numbers, I came up with 87.75% magnitude, tho there is still some error in that, the corrected value is something like 85, pretty close to what they called for.

The plateau as the light was coming back around the 15:30 mark has been chalked up to some high altitude cloud haze.
Steve / Re: My Scratch Pad
« Last post by MadScientist267 on Yesterday at 02:27:53 PM »
Indeed. Buzzword factor is obnoxious these days it seems.

I'm not really in the crowd doing tree hugging per se, I'm more with Carlin on that point... (paraphrased).. "You don't want to save the planet, you want to save yourselves, the ball circling the sun could care less and has dealt with much worse than mankind"... lol

That said, I'm not on the "trash the place what do I care" end of things either. In my world, placards on walls don't do me any good.. haha *actual* conservation does. But if they like their little signs and 100W light bulbs, so be it lol

As for the staying in a hotel part, a run to the deep south for some work had me and the truck at quite a distance from each other for about 2 weeks. It did it's thing back here in VA (for the most part but that's another story) while I was swatting at pterodac... err I mean mosquitos... down in Louisiana. :o

I'm not *exactly* sure I've got the actual species correct, but far as I can tell, this is the state bird  ;D

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