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Expanding My System a Little Bit
« on: August 20, 2013, 11:55:05 AM »
Anyone that spends any time on IRC chat will know that me and the wife are getting a divorce and living separately in the same house. The solar power had been run into the Living Room that the wife has been using. so I didn't have access to it. I am using the Dining Room as my personal Living Room but it has not had my solar power wired into it, until now.

I ran a 50 foot 16ga wire from my indoor fuse box around the walls and into my Living Room. I had a switchbox from another project and used it to control the few items that I'm using in there. Right now I have a coupla lights, a fan and a 12vdc 7inch TV.


The output of the switchbox goes to a terminal strip to give me easy access to the power when I need to add or change the items that I'm using on the solar power. Nothing real fancy here, but I'm so happy to have access to my solar power again. The wife doesen't care about the solar power much unless the power goes off, until now it has largely been going to waste


I am using my solar power straight off the batteries so everything I use needs to be able to run on 12 to 15 volts DC. The total wire length from the batteries to my new switchbox is about 160 feet. The first 110 feet uses 9 gauge wire, then the 50 feet of 16ga wire to get to my area.
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