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 This gentleman has completed two successful Kickstarter releases before & and his next batch has just been offered…

I’m sharing them here for your thoughts or comments (I'm pledging for a couple of the BMS modules).

His latest project introduces a Power Point Tracking Thermal Controller for thermal mass storage, logic control of a matrix of fixed resistance loads to best match whatever the PV output happens to be at any given time. Oh yeah, 450 Amps worth of solar into resistance heat! --- "DMPPT450 as the name implies will support a max of 450A STC current so a total of 14kW of PV panels can be connected. Panels need to be the 60 cell type."  -- whoa  :o It's kind of dense reading his info sheets, a marketing presentation with light technical stuff...

Anyhow, I’ve been waiting for half of forever for his latest solar charger-BMS modules to become available with Wi-Fi & phone aps & logging & alarms etc. built in that are just pure neatness, he is offering them in 40A and 120A flavors this time.

I see a few limitations on his charger/SBMS stuff, one is a mandatory 6~ meter total length on input leads of 16mm² copper conductor to eliminate possibility of LiFePo inrush surge burning out his circuit, so having a 48V system to reduce losses would be best. So yes, he is warning that cable length is a normal required resistance, do not heavy up on those cables.  Also he wants no fuse or circuit breaker before his device to keep chances of spike/surge at a minimum which is different approach too if* I’ve read his notes correctly.
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   Most interesting Dan.  Bookmarked so I can keep track.
  Thanks for the heads-up.
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